Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Hobby

For the longest time, Steve has been pushing for me to get a hobby. I tried digital scrapbooking (not a lot of free stuff out there). I tried to read lots of books, but I would get bored half way through a book and stop reading. I've tried video gaming. I'm still gaming (gotta love Animal Crossing) but the thing is, I have video game OCD. That's where I have to do EVERYTHING in order for me to be happy. But, when I start playing a game, I play it all the time and burn out. I don't know how many games we have that I've started and not finished, or Steve will finish for me.

So I got to thinking, what is a good hobby for me to do? Then, some friends came over that had a new baby. She had to nurse while here and pulled out this awesome nursing cover. I took a look at it and thought that it could be something my mother could make for me. Then, I looked on the web to find how to make it. I found this awesome step by step pattern (click here to see) and saw that it was pretty easy to make. From there, I got this weird, wacky idea that I could learn how to sew, be good enough to make burp cloths (something I don't have enough of, well not at least my favorite one that I got for a baby shower gift while pregnant with Jake) and a diaper changing pad. I've made two out of the three so far. Burp cloths, well, I can't figure out to make the round edge round. But, at least they are for me, for now. That's right for now.

This wacky, crazy idea of mine is to start my own business selling the above mentioned items. I'm going to try to get into the farmers market here in Logan, then once we move and get settled, into the Portland farmers market (it goes until December 24th).

I'll be on the web soon enough, but I have to make all the stuff I'm going to sell first. So, look forward to another blog announcing the grand opening of Sara's Sassy Mom & Baby!!

Here are some pictures of the things that I have made so far. And there just for me, I promise the burp cloths will have nice clean edges!

We saw cute Easter Bags at Target and thought it would be a good first sewing project for me. So, while my parents were in town, I had my mom walk me through on how to do this, and some sewing 101 tips! I think they're pretty cute. Jake and Zoe picked out what color of bunny and egg they wanted.

My first attempt at burp cloths. That's a stack of 4.

The last one I made turned out really well. That's the one on top! So, I'll have to practice a couple of more times. So glad Steve is so supportive of me. Even though some are not rounded, he still said they looked great!

And here is the nursing cover I made for this little one and me! I think it turned out really well! And it's super cute!!

On both ends there are these little pockets. It's for breast pads, pacifier (which we don't use) or to clean up baby. It's flannel and super soft!

So here goes my next big adventure! I've really enjoyed sewing and creating something for nothing. I just really hope I have the love and support from the rest of my friends and family! Stay tuned!!


  1. good job Sara! The nursing cover looks great.. The burp cloths are okay and it takes practice practice to make perfect. I feel that you did really great for the first time you tried it. I am proud of you. Use scraps and practice making the rounded corners. Mom

  2. You did such a great job on these!! Way to go! I love sewing although I'm not too good at it yet but you're giving me more motivation to get better! Can't wait to see more. :)

  3. Yea for hobbies!!!!!!!! You did a great job, I love the easter bags!!! And hey, if you ever wanna try digital scrappin' again, I've got a lot of free websites for ya. :)

  4. Your stuff looks great! Can't wait to see everything you've done. Thanks for sharing what the pockets on the cover was for, I have wondered forever why they were there on mine! Let's get together soon, say next week to celebrate the end of tax season? WAHOO!!

  5. good job sara! I need a hobby too- maybe I'll steal yours lol! I keep myself pretty busy enough these days though! How have you been? ARe you excited for the little one on the way?

  6. Today was my first time to your blog. I was excited to see that I'm on your blog roll! Thank you!

    Keep up the good work. Your Easter bags and your burp cloths look great. Just keep practicing. I promise it will get easier.

    I love your nursing cover. I wish I had that idea when I was nursing 25, 22, and 16 years ago. Recieving blankets don't do so great. I've flashed a few people in my time. lol