Wednesday, July 22, 2009

He's Here!!

My little peanut came on Monday! I'm so happy he's finally here. Teage was 7 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches long. We are doing well. Home and resting.
So this means, I'll be MIA for a while. We are moving next week, so we're busy getting the apartment packed and me resting and taking care of Teage. So glad my mother-in-law is here to help!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Wrap/Sling

When I first got into sewing I came across this wonderful shop, loveyduds and really really wanted one for the baby. I was tired of the Snugglie we had (all the straps hanging everywhere and the strain on my back) and wanted something more "organic and natural". But, there was no way I could afford what she was asking for.

So, I noticed that was having a really good sale, so, on a whim (and I didn't tell hubby until after I bought the fabric) and got what I needed to make my own wrap. I did a lot of studying of how loveyduds makes their wraps. Looked up measurements for a moby wrap, I did my own thing and created my very own wrap! I'm very happy with it and can't wait to use it!

Ok, here it is! I look huge. Keep in mind I have a huge pregnant belly and my daughter's cabbage patch doll as the "baby". The front panel is Michael Miller First Sight Cubism Black & White. I wanted something that would be good for a boy or a girl (hoping that I have a few more girls). I really like it!

And from the side. That black thing coming from my behind is our pop up canopy that we finally removed from the van to the house, only to be moved into another room to be put into a moving van! Anyways, back to the wrap, it's super cute!

I know that loveyduds has asked people to respect their design and ideas, but I'm not going to start selling these at all. This was just for me. And me only. I give full credit for the design and idea to loveyduds and to Moby Wrap. Please, if you would like a wrap, go to either site and order from them. Theirs is probably much better than anything I could make!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Can I get an Amen?

It's done! It's finally done!! The the baby quilt for baby Teage is done! Now, I can go into labor!!

This is my very first quilt! I really didn't have any help from anyone. Just a lot of tutorials on many different blogs about how to baste, quilt (which I didn't do, just tied it off with some yarn), and how to make and add binding to the quilt. It's far from perfect (in fact, I need to go back and stitch a few places that look like it's not going to hold, but that can wait a while. I'm done with this sucker!) but I like it. My hubby likes it, my daughter likes it (she was still up when I finished it and said it was beautiful), so I hope that the baby will like it.

For the back, it's just the green gingham you see. As well as the binding. I got it from Joann Fabric Store. I had to piece it together to make it fit, but I like the mismatch on the back.

The top is made from scraps from my attempt of creating my own business selling nursing covers, burp cloths and diaper changing pads. I really like how it turned out. And it feels so good. Going from cotton to flannel on the front for the different blocks. And the yarn is only tied on the 4 patch block.

All in all, I'm pleased with it, and trying not to be OCD about it not being perfect. That's going to be the hardest part for me. But tomorrow, I'm packing up my little area in our living room that is my "sewing studio". It's time for some major packing in order to get ready for our move in two weeks. I'm excited to move, but a little sad that I won't be doing anything crafty for that long. I had planned on making a few more things for some friends, but just didn't have the time, or energy to do all that I wanted to do.

But the quilt is done, and now there is nothing "holding" me back from having this baby! He can come tomorrow!! (oh please, please come tomorrow!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Phoebe Bag

I totally can't take credit for the name of the bag. That would go to the artsy-crafty babe for creating this sweet bag and producing a free tutorial (look on her right side bar for it)!

I used the fabric I got from a swap I did hosted by Mamarazzi. I love the fabric. It's from Heidi Grace Midnight Kisses collection (found at Joann Fabric stores). I used fabric from the same collection to make my diaper bag, itty bitty keeper, and diaper case. The pocket is made from one of the fat quarters I got from Quilt Taffy.

I think it's really cute!

See, isn't it cute? I think I'll use this one as my summer purse!

Inside of bag. I really like the poka dots for on the pocket!

I had to change it up a little bit. I was going to do this bag from Oh, Fransson!, but didn't have enough fabric for both the inside and outside, and not enough money to go get more fabric, so I just used the button I had gotten for the Margaret Bag and used the how to on making the button holder thing.

All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute! And my feet are bigger today then they were yesterday. One more project to finish (the quilt for baby Teage) and then I'm packing up the fabric, sewing machine, and table for the move.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Lime Bag

Yesterday at the Great America Sidewalk Festival, Steve saw this awesome fabric and said I should make a bag out of it. It's from Arrin Turnmire Chutes & Ladder's collection from Moda. Very limey and summery, and it was on sale (50% off!)

So, using the Charming Handbag tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop I created the lime bag!

Isn't it cute? Makes me want to have some limeade and chocolate!

I did my own thing for the pockets. I used some left over material from the nursing covers I've made. I like it a lot!

And this is what happens to my poor pregnant feet (well, my feet aren't pregnant, but you get the idea) after a few hours of sewing. Yikes!

So maybe tomorrow I'll get to the other bag I want to make. Not sure what I'm going to do with this bag. I'll use it. Maybe it'll go to the hospital with me (whenever this baby decides to come)!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


a very cool giveaway over at Make It and Love It for a chunky watch of your choice from Kendee Watches. I love watches!!

So go over there for your chance to win a super cute watch!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I did it again...

...I won something! I know, right. My luck might be turning around. (knock on wood)

I blog hopped for the last two weeks. 10 very talented ladies in Minnesota thought it would be fun to do a blog hop and share some of their talents and tips with the blogging world. I learned a lot. And can't wait to try out all the cool new things I've learned.

Now, I didn't win the grand prize. But I did win Little Charmer's Patterns from Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures.

Thank you so much Heather for randomly drawing my name! I cannot wait to get creating!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

(Sorry for the bad picture. Taken last night at the Logan Firework show with our new camera.)

Happy Independence Day! My all time favorite holiday!

Thank you all the men and women that help keep this a free country! And lots of thanks to the patriots 233 years ago who dreamed of a free country!

Friday, July 3, 2009


I won some Red, White fat quarters from Quilt Taffy! Now, what to do with them...

Plus, I got these yesterday. I got them with my winning of $20 gift certificate at Sew, Mama, Sew! It's from Jennifer Paganelli's collection Dance With Me. They are so pretty and summery. I'm thinking a coin quilt would look great with these. But it'll have to wait until after we move.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, we're moving!! My hubby has been done with school since December 08, but his start date at his job (it's not a job, but the start of his career!) is August 5th. So, we finally found a place in the Portland area, and will be moving there at the end of the month. Hopefully, this baby will come really early (my due date is the 25th). July is going to be a really busy month for us. But that's just how we roll!

Thank you Quilt Taffy for picking me! Can't wait to get those yummy fat quarters in my hands!