Monday, December 13, 2010

Halloween Costumes

For Halloween this year, we thought we would keep it cheap, and make our own costumes. We also thought that we would have a theme this year. And since because our kids love everything Mario, we ended up with a bunch of Mario characters!

Luigi aka Jake
Ok, so the only thing here I made was the Luigi hat and the gold buttons on the overalls. All the other stuff was gotten at a low cost!

Princess Peach aka Zoe
Isn't she cute?

I know it's blurry, but it's the only picture I have of just her full length. I made everything but the gloves, with a lot of help from my mom. My parents came up for Halloween, and I begged for my mom to help me. I have never sewn from a store bought pattern (this one is from Disney's Cinderella costume) or sewn with satin before. It was *fun*. So glad my Mama was here to help!

Mario, aka, Leo
So the whole reason we thought of a Mario theme, other than the kids love Mario, was Mario's hat. My husband has been dutifully entering our Wii points from the games we have at Nintendo and saved up enough to win a prize. The prize we got to pick, Mario's hat! And since Leo looked so darn cute in it, we thought we would do Mario and friends for Halloween. Only thing made here was the gold buttons. We had the overalls already, and the shirt was a sweet fine!

Toad, aka Teage
Ok, so not the best picture, but you get the idea. He was a little done with taking pictures at this point. The hat, well, that's chef's hat with the stiff part turned to the inside, sewn shut with some flannel, add some elastic of the strap and some red dots to make it look like a mushroom. I also made the vest (it's a little small on him). The rest are clothes he already had.

Mario and Friends!

So that was our Halloween this year. Homemade and cute! Not sure what we'll do for next year, but one things for sure, I'm not waiting until the last minute to make it all!

Halloween Totes

Wow, it's been awhile. Sorry. We had a busy summer. And my sewing machine broke. Finally got a new one. Just in time for Halloween! I have really been wanting to make these Halloween Totes (*note, when I tried loading the page, it didn't want to load, so try again later) from Craft Blog. They were super easy to make! Just a little time consuming with having to cut all the squares, but that went by fast once I knew what I was doing.

So without further ado, the Halloween totes for my four kiddos!

This one is Teage's. Which, I ended up holding all night. Oh well. At least it's cute!

Jake's bag. And the first one I made. Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Now, knowing that Jake loves green, you would think this is his bag. But you would be wrong. This one is Leo's bag. He really loved his bag!

Can you guess who's lovely purple bag this is? If I would have let her, Zoe would have had an all purple bag. LOL!

I got a lot of different fabrics for the kids to choose from. They all chose which fabric they wanted for their totes. I only altered a few, just so the bag would look a little bit better. The good thing is, I got enough fabric to make more for when we have more kids.

Speaking of which, I'm pregnant with baby number 5! We are excited to bring this new little spirit into our home! I'm due June 7th, and because I usually go a week early, my husband will be getting a baby for his birthday!