Sunday, May 3, 2009

New Dress

For Zoe!! I felt like sewing today, but didn't want to sew anything for my business (that just felt wrong) so I thought I would do one of the projects I had set aside for Zoe. Last year at the Farmer's Market, I found this really cute pillowcase dress for Zo. Once I started sewing, I wanted to make something cute for Zoe, and then remembered this dress. Looked at it and thought it would be pretty easy to do. So I found a couple of patterns at a room somewhere and Freshly Picked, combined the two and did my own thing. I think it's really cute, but Zoe doesn't want to wear it for very long right now. So sorry it's not that great of a picture of the dress on her. I have one more pillowcase dress to do for her, then I'm thinking about doing a patchwork skirt for her that I found at The Merry Church Mouse from the scraps from the nursing covers and diaper changing pads I'm making for my business.

Zoe in her new dress made from Mommy!!

Here it is all laid out. I think it's a little to billowy, but I don't know how to take it in without undoing everything. Plus, we didn't get a really good look while it was on Zoe. She just wouldn't hold still for every long.

Let me know what you think. I think it's really cute. Not bad for my first dress!!


  1. This is so.....cute! Guess you don't need mom to make things anymore. I don't think it is to billowy. Zoe is so cute even if she didn't want to stay in the dress. Maybe I should just send you the material and the pattern I have for Zoe. Mom

  2. That's really cute. Way to go!