Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I've been seeing a lot of cute cloth shoes at and on other blogs that I follow. I totally wanted to make the baby some cute shoes that didn't involve leather or another thick material. Then I came across this blog, stardustshoes. And I was in heaven. Why? Because she has a tutorial for cloth baby shoes! You can find it here. (She's also from Seattle, so she must be super cool!)

So, this afternoon while Zoe and Leo were sleeping, I whipped up some very cute shoes for the baby!

I think they are really cute! I made them from scraps from my diaper changing pad. I love the frogs and other jungle friends! Perfect for a little baby boy!!

The bottoms are made from scraps from a nursing cover I made. I guess it's a good thing I tried to start my own business. I have a lot of scraps and left of material to do cute things like this!

Making these shoes was super easy, if you paid attention to what you were doing. I blame pregnancy brain. For some reason, I just couldn't get "right sides together". After ripping out the seams twice, I finally got it! But you can't tell once their all done!

I'm trying to find projects to do to get rid of my tons of left over material. I'm thinking that I'll make some more shoes for the baby, but in flannel this time. Or after the quilt is done, (I have to wait until next pay day to get safety pins so I can quilt it) use the left over backing for a bottom to some cute green fabric I have that is just calling to be made into some shoes!


  1. Cute shoes. I'll have to give this tutorial a try myself.

  2. I loooove these little baby shoes! They are so cute. I think I need to make some for my new nephew. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. thanks for sharing!! I love these, so cute! I'm going to have to make some up for Maria!