Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby Wrap/Sling

When I first got into sewing I came across this wonderful shop, loveyduds and really really wanted one for the baby. I was tired of the Snugglie we had (all the straps hanging everywhere and the strain on my back) and wanted something more "organic and natural". But, there was no way I could afford what she was asking for.

So, I noticed that was having a really good sale, so, on a whim (and I didn't tell hubby until after I bought the fabric) and got what I needed to make my own wrap. I did a lot of studying of how loveyduds makes their wraps. Looked up measurements for a moby wrap, I did my own thing and created my very own wrap! I'm very happy with it and can't wait to use it!

Ok, here it is! I look huge. Keep in mind I have a huge pregnant belly and my daughter's cabbage patch doll as the "baby". The front panel is Michael Miller First Sight Cubism Black & White. I wanted something that would be good for a boy or a girl (hoping that I have a few more girls). I really like it!

And from the side. That black thing coming from my behind is our pop up canopy that we finally removed from the van to the house, only to be moved into another room to be put into a moving van! Anyways, back to the wrap, it's super cute!

I know that loveyduds has asked people to respect their design and ideas, but I'm not going to start selling these at all. This was just for me. And me only. I give full credit for the design and idea to loveyduds and to Moby Wrap. Please, if you would like a wrap, go to either site and order from them. Theirs is probably much better than anything I could make!

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  1. I love it! When we get around to another baby, I'm making one too. My neighbor lived in hers and loved it. By the time I thought about getting one, Jeff was way too heavy. I hope you get to use it with your new little very soon.