Friday, July 10, 2009

The Lime Bag

Yesterday at the Great America Sidewalk Festival, Steve saw this awesome fabric and said I should make a bag out of it. It's from Arrin Turnmire Chutes & Ladder's collection from Moda. Very limey and summery, and it was on sale (50% off!)

So, using the Charming Handbag tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop I created the lime bag!

Isn't it cute? Makes me want to have some limeade and chocolate!

I did my own thing for the pockets. I used some left over material from the nursing covers I've made. I like it a lot!

And this is what happens to my poor pregnant feet (well, my feet aren't pregnant, but you get the idea) after a few hours of sewing. Yikes!

So maybe tomorrow I'll get to the other bag I want to make. Not sure what I'm going to do with this bag. I'll use it. Maybe it'll go to the hospital with me (whenever this baby decides to come)!