Saturday, June 6, 2009

More sewing

Instead of going to the Farmer's Market today (we're done with that. We aren't making enough to pay for the weekly fees. Sucks to be a failure, but oh well) I felt like sewing. I just finished the top to the baby's quilt

(yes, it's sideways and on our bed. I just don't have any place to take a picture of it our floor is really gross right now.)

but I still had the sewing bug. I still had a stack of projects to do, so I whipped together another pillowcase dress for Zoe. It's really cute, but I made it too short. Oops. So, now it's a pillowcase dress with pants or shorts. It'll be really cute in the winter time with a under shirt and some leggings (need to learn how to make my own leggings for her). This time she was really excited to wear it and wanted to take a picture of her cute new outfit!

I even got her to pose and be standing at the same time! Woohoo for me!! See, it's a little short, so she's wearing some jean shorts. Way cute!

In fact, everyone was so impressed with Zoe's mad posing skills (or they just wanted their picture taken) the boys came over and wanted their picture taken too.

Jake posing just like Zoe. He likes to wear Daddy's Ernst & Young hat!

And Leo's picture. I told him to smile and he said "cheese"! Wait what? What did you just say? I had to take another picture just to make sure. And sure enough, he said cheese when I told him to smile, held still so I could take the picture. That boy amazes me everyday!

So now I'm out of projects to do. I have a lot of material, but nothing else. I can't make anymore skirts or dresses because I don't have enough elastic. I can't finish the quilt because I don't have the batting or the backing yet. I thought about making some blocks, but I don't have the right stuff to finish it. I'll just have to see what I can do.

I really can't wait for Steve's career to start. Then, when I need some batting or some elastic, I can just go and get it. Those couple of bucks won't be that big of a deal. Like it is now. Who knew that sewing and quilting could be so expensive.


  1. The quilt top looks great... What you gonna do for the back of it? Cute top for Zoe. Handsome Jake. He said what??? Cutie Leo. Yes sewing is expensive. I finished the T-shirts to go with Zoe's skirts and am now working on shirts for Jake. Zoe has two dresses & a skirt done. Leo a shirt and the new little guy has a shirt and pants. I think all are really cute. Isn't it a great feeling when you see what you've made from just a piece of material. Love ya, Mom

  2. I looooooooooooooooove that pillowcase dress!!!!!!! You're so talented and definitely not a failure!!!

  3. such a sweet dress and those children all have the most beautiful eyes,, little darlings for sure