Monday, June 8, 2009

Itty Bitt Keeper

Ok, so I might have lied (I didn't mean too) when I said I had nothing else to make. I came acorss this free pattern from bitty bits & pieces. It's a iPod/Phone/Camera holder. It's pretty cool. I took my protective plastic off my phone because it was getting pretty gross. But I needed something to protect my phone is in my pruse. So this is just perfect!

I used left over material from the diaper bag I made a few months ago. I think it's pretty sweet looking! It has a small pocket for head phones or drivers license or debt card. But I was having issues with this pattern and sewing machine, so on mine you can't put a drivers license or debt card in there. Head phones, sure, but I don't have head phones for my iPhone.

Either way, this is a pretty sweet pattern and a great gift idea or for yourself. I like mine and maybe I'll try it again in a month or two (when I'm not so pregnant, feet are huge right now from sitting at the sewing machine for less than an hour).

Thanks bitty bits & pieces for making this free pattern!

My iPhone next to the itty bitty keeper. I said it was cute!

Going in...

...nice and snug in it's new home!

The great thing about this iPhone keeper, there is batting in the bag, so it's padded and very much protected!


  1. This is way cute... What a way to use some of your scrap material. You need to attach like an o-ring or something so you can attach car keys to it. Oops---there I go thinking again.. Ha Ha :)